What is freedom?

James Heras
1 min readDec 15, 2020


Art depicting freedom from slavery

Freedom is about liberty.

That someone is able to make their own choice as it related to free will.

To have the freedom of will.

To do as one may please.

If one wants to wake up and hang out with their children in the morning, or go to the office to grow self and business, or pursue some other passion project

or … even if freedom to someone is working as a 9–5 in a job that he/she may love, that is up to whoever uses the freedom of will to expressly do as one pleases.

Not choosing to act on one’s own personal free will due to: ambivalence or sloth or indecision is not liberty.

It is not exercising one’s full rights as a human being.

This is the idea of freedom, that anyone can do want they want.

That is not without having the economic financial means to do something, especially presuming it done legally and ethically positive.



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